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About Buffalo Well Products (BWP)

Responsive manufacturer and distributor

About Buffalo Well Products (BWP)

BWP is a responsive manufacturer and distributor serving the environmental, groundwater, landfill, construction, irrigation, and filtration industries.

In 1988, BWP began manufacturing and distributing high quality competitively priced products for the environmental industry. As we continue to grow, our consistent quality and dependable service have allowed us to expand our capabilities to include product offerings for construction, landfill, dewatering, irrigation, and filtration applications.

BWP’s manufacturing capabilities include the threading, perforating, and slotting of PVC, clear PVC, high density polyethylene (HDPE), ABS, and Teflon pipe. Our high quality screen and casing meet or exceed all applicable industry standards. Ask about our value added services and depend on BWP for cost effective products and solutions.

We at BWP remain committed to meeting and exceeding all our customer’s requirements and demands, dedicating ourselves to your guaranteed satisfaction.

Paul W. Barron 

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